About Koh Ta Kiev Island  

About Koh Ta Kiev Island

Koh Ta Kiev Island is a 55 minute trip from Otres Beach in SihanoukVille, Cambodia.  (only 20 minutes by speedboat)  The island is covered with trees and a hill in the middle, and is not yet developed.  There are 4 small bungalow places on the island, and a dozen people live on the island, outside the bungalows. 

All the islands here are pretty much the same (for the moment).  Unspoiled tropical forests, rising out of the Bay of Thailand.  Beaches, jungle, waterfalls. A few bungalow places cover less than 3% of the island.


You can see the island, just off the shore of Ream National Park.  It's about a 10 minute trip from Ream to Koh Ta Kiev Island.  You can get a boat from the seafood shacks on shore or at Ream Beach Guesthouse.  Most boat trips leave from Otres Beach in SihanoukVille.

Several other islands are close by.  All smaller than Koh Ta Kiev Island.  Koh Russey (Bamboo Island), Koh Krabey (Water Buffalo Island), and Koh Chraloh. "KOH" means Island in the Khmer language (the language of Cambodia), and is pronounced like "GAW", very quickly.

No public water on Koh Ta Kiev, no public electricity, and no sewers or garbage collection.  All the bungalows on the island have a solution to all these problems, however.

There is telephone service, and hence, internet at most places.  The bungalows on the island import or improvise for the fresh water.  Electricity is usually by generator, and only for a few or several hours at night. 

Koh Ta Kiev Island in Cambodia.

All the bungalows on the island have their own preferred boat from the mainland, and several island tours from the mainland stop at Koh Ta Kiev Island for swimming, snorkeling, cliff jumping, and exploring the island.  Also, lunch!

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